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What a General Contractor in the Hospitality Industry Can Do For You

From bathtub restorations to total construction management, general contractors in the hospitality industry can facilitate the demands of their clients with the wide range of services they offer. A full-service general contractor will offer a wide range of services because of their knowledge, expertise, and experience in the industry. Below we will discuss some of the things general contractors can do for you.

Budgeting in the Hospitality Industry

If you’re on a budget, a hotel contractor will make sure to follow it. An expert general contractor can work with the finances you provide them and handle everything from there. They know what everything costs and can find ways to complete your project based on your budget. You will not need to do extra work to ensure your finances are appropriately allocated. Instead, the general contractor will carry out what needs to be done while prioritizing your budget.

Construction Project Schedule

You can give your general contractor a date when you need the project completed, and they will coordinate the rest. A good general contractor will handle organizing and preparing the entirety of your hotel renovation or construction. The project schedule will keep your general contractor on track toward the due date. and it also allows you to review the progress of the project.

FF&E Removal, Installation, & Warehousing

When undergoing the construction and renovation process, you will need to remove, install, and store your furniture. Fortunately, a team of professional hotel contractors can do all of that, and you won’t have to worry about hiring multiple teams.

Occupied Hospitality Industry Renovations

It’s understandable to want to continue normal hotel operations during a renovation. That’s why hotel contractors offer an occupied hotel renovation service. They will work discreetly and efficiently, so they don’t disturb your guests during their stay.

Nationwide Luxury Hotel Renovations

Not all general contractors offer nationwide services, but some do. These general contractors are the most beneficial to work within the hospitality industry. If you ever plan to renovate multiple hotels across the country, you can always refer to one trusted team.

At Case & Associates, we exceed our clients’ expectations. We offer these services and more, with every renovation thoroughly completed. Additionally, we put our client’s interests first and always focus on quality, time constraints, and the budget. Trust that we will be your team of expert and experienced full-service general contractors who provide you with quality work without compromise. To start discussing your next project, contact us today.

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