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Hotel and Hospitality Contractors

Welcome to Case & Associates General Contractors, where our expertise in hotel renovation and hospitality construction services spans over three decades. Our journey has been marked by cultivating a collaborative team spirit, designed specifically to meet and exceed the unique demands of our clients. We are proud partners of both major hotel chains and boutique hotels nationwide, committed to delivering exceptional quality and results. At Case & Associates, we understand that projects vary in scale and complexity, yet our dedication remains unwavering. From the simplest renovations to the most intricate constructions, we guarantee the same level of professionalism and attention to detail, ensuring every project reflects our hallmark of excellence.

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At Case & Associates, we firmly believe that the foundation of a project's success lies in meticulous pre-construction planning. Recognizing the distinctiveness of each project, we dedicate ourselves to a comprehensive planning process alongside our clients. This approach ensures that every detail is carefully considered, setting the stage for excellence and success in our construction endeavors. By integrating advanced technology and industry-leading practices, we tailor our strategies to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of each project.


Throughout the entire construction process, from the initial design development to the unveiling of the final product, the Case & Associates Team is committed to supporting our clients every step of the way. We take immense pride in not just meeting but exceeding both our clients’ expectations and the rigorous standards of excellence set by Case & Associates. Our goal is to ensure a seamless, efficient, and successful project completion, reflecting our unwavering dedication to quality and client satisfaction.


At the heart of Case & Associates lies our unparalleled expertise in renovations. Our ability to discover and implement inventive solutions is what sets us apart. This capability enables us to collaborate closely with clients, owners, and architects, ensuring that every project not only meets but exceeds specific requirements. It is our dedicated and passionate approach that consistently leads to outcomes that surpass client expectations, showcasing the true depth of our specialization.

Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Grand Hotel:

Preserving History and Preparing for the Future

Discover the Story Behind Our Most Prestigious Project

Our renovation of the iconic Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. Against all odds, we transformed challenges into triumphs, preserving the hotel's rich history while seamlessly integrating modern amenities. This project highlights our dedication to blending tradition with forward-thinking design.

Dive deeper into this remarkable journey and see how we turned the impossible into a stunning reality by exploring our case study.

Case Study Grand Hotel

What Our Partners Say

“Voted one of “The Best Hotel and Hospitality Contractors in Houston, Texas”

GC Magazine, October, 2019

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