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Case Study - Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel:

Preserving History and Preparing for the Future

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Grand Hotel Case Study

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Navigating the Historic Renovation of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Nestled within the Straits of Mackinac, the Grand Hotel has been a cherished summer retreat since its opening in 1887. With its 388 individually styled rooms, this iconic hotel combines historical elegance with unique charm.

Project Overview

Tasked by Case & Associates, our mission was to modernize the bathrooms, the century-old Esther Williams Swimming Pool, and expansive retail areas, all while gearing up for the bustling summer season. Positioned on a quaint island, logistical challenges such as location, unpredictable weather, and transportation limitations presented a unique set of hurdles. Yet, through seasoned expertise, collaborative effort, and a touch of fortuity, we triumphed over these challenges, delivering the project timely and within budget.

Challenges Overcome

  • Historical Preservation: Maintaining the hotel's historical essence and structural integrity was paramount, requiring meticulous planning and execution.

  • Transportation Hurdles: The island's ban on vehicles meant relying on alternative modes such as bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, and foot traffic for transportation.

  • Harsh Weather Conditions: Undertaking renovations during the winter months brought the added complexity of working in sub-zero temperatures.

  • Logistical Ingenuity: Equipment and materials were airlifted by an 8-seater plane once the surrounding lake froze, showcasing our adaptability to extraordinary circumstances.


  • Timely Completion: The entire project was brought to fruition within an ambitious 5-month timeframe, adhering strictly to the set budget.

  • Extensive Renovations: A total of 340 distinctive bathrooms were renovated, enhancing the guest experience.

  • Significant Material Logistics: The project saw the use of $2,500,000 worth of concrete, with two concrete trucks being ferried to the island.

  • Adapting to Global Challenges: The renovation was carried out amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, introducing a layer of complexity that was navigated with strategic planning and safety measures.

Discover More

Eager to delve deeper into how we tackled these challenges and achieved success with the Grand Hotel renovation? Explore the intricate details of this landmark project and the innovative solutions that brought it to completion.

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