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Is it Time to Renovate your Hotel Restaurant?

Updated: Apr 8

When people look at booking a hotel, they consider several amenities the places offer. Many different types of travelers prefer to stay at hotels with appealing on-site restaurants for the experience and convenience.

Renovating your hotel restaurant may not be a priority, but it could bring in additional revenue and customers if given consideration. Taking the time to make your hotel restaurant stand out can increase profits. According to a recent study, restaurants that had recently undergone a renovation had seen a 10%-20% increase in their sales. So what is the current status of your in-house restaurant? Does it appear to be a little outdated compared with competitors? Does it have customers excited to visit/come back? All of these questions can be tied to one single overarching question: is it time to renovate your hotel restaurant? Below we will discuss critical signs that indicate your restaurant is due for a renovation or an upgrade.

Are There Any Critical Issues?

Don’t let any key issues turn away your guests from visiting your on-site restaurant or potentially booking a stay. Determine all critical matters like leaks, lack of seating, poor lighting, kitchen inconsistencies, or no good viewing windows. If any of these problems exist, you should consider fixing these issues as soon as you can. The benefits it brings you, and your guests will surprise you.

Is your In-House Restaurant in Style?

No on-site restaurant decor is a cookie-cutter model for another restaurant’s decor.  Analyze what is currently trending within your area’s market, and see if your restaurant checks similar points. Hotels with restaurants customized to the city often fascinate travelers. If your restaurant has a similar style to the city you are in, chances are you are attracting customers who are excited to experience that city. Upgrading your style can help your hotel stand out from your competitors as well.

When Was the Last Time You Renovated your On-Site Restaurant?

When was your last renovation? If your last one was years ago, you might be due for more than an upgrade. Styles and trends are constantly changing, so it is best to stay on top of upgrading your decor or remodeling your restaurant to fit your guests’ expectations. Elevate your restaurant’s style to give your customers a great experience. This can include differentiating your decor, creating experiential dining areas, or using eye-catching decor/custom builds. A quality on-site restaurant can help your hotel increase its customers’ satisfaction and profitability.

Special attention and consideration are requirements in a renovation. You will need to address many factors such as style, lighting, heating, decor, and ventilation systems. At Case & Associates, we are a team of trusted general contractors with over 30 years of experience specializing in restaurant renovations. We help several hotel chains across the continental United States transform their on-site restaurants into what they and their guests desire. Contact us today so that we can discuss your future hotel restaurant project.

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