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Is it Time to Renovate Your Hotel?

When people choose where to book their next stay, they look for a hotel that is clean, updated on current technologies, has several amenities, and piques their interest – whether that be through appearance or unique in-house eateries. If your hotel is lacking in some of these areas, it may be a sign to renovate your hotel. Here is our list of what you should consider when deciding whether to renovate or not.

You Haven’t Renovated Your Hotel in a While

Experts recommend that you refresh soft renovations every five years. Things such as wall coverings, tiling, carpeting, bedding, and drapes. Though some areas of your hotel, like guest bathrooms, may have a longer renovation lifecycle, you will want to look at all the furniture, fixtures, and installations to ensure that they are in decent condition, with no dings, breakage, or problems.  Cracks in your walls, tiles, and flooring can make your hotel look unkempt, which can easily downgrade your guests’ experience.

Your Hotel Style is Not Consistent

When your furniture, fixtures, rooms, and atmosphere does not fit the brand you’re trying to convey, it may be time to renovate. Look out for outdated, unmatching, or inconsistent furniture, decorative pieces, and themes in your hotel that could confuse your guests. For example, the style of your lobby does not match the furniture and decorations in your guests’ rooms.

Your Hotel Has Critical Issues

Guests will likely ask for a refund if they feel your hotel is run-down. Especially if they have a problematic stay or avoid your hotel altogether. Identify all critical matters like leaking faucets, plumbing problems, inadequate lighting, or inefficient appliances. If any of these problems exist, you should consider fixing these issues as soon as you can, especially if it’s your bathroom. Remodeling a bathroom is a complex task, especially if there will be a conversion from shower-only installations to tub-to-shower combinations. These renovations require a detailed plumbing installation plan and present the perfect opportunity to replace the bathroom tile. At Case & Associates, we specialize in tub-to-shower conversions and full bathtub restorations. We ensure that your plumbing needs are taken care of.

Renovate Your Hotel Because You’re Lacking Amenities

A wide variety of amenities is often one of the main reasons a person will choose a hotel over others. However, without the essential amenities, your hotel can be seriously lacking. A gym/fitness center, pool, business facilities, and in-house restaurants are some of the most common amenities. Your hotel needs an update if you don’t have these features. Here is a list of standard hotel amenities and how often they are used based on a guest’s stay to guide your decision.

Bad Reviews

The easiest way to consider renovation is by looking through your reviews. Are you rated poorly, and if so, what are they saying? Use the information you get from reading through your reviews. Look for where you can add or fix something based on what your guests say. 

Hotel renovation requires expertise and special attention to many factors. Things such as style, lighting, heating, decor, tilework, and more. These ensure the remodel is done right. At Case & Associates, we are a team of trusted general contractors with over 30 years of experience. Most of us specialize in hotel renovation and construction. We help several hotel chains (nationwide) transform their hotels into what they and their guests desire.

Contact us today so that we can discuss your future hotel renovation or construction project.

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