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Hotel Trends for 2022

Updated: Apr 8

The hospitality industry and hotel trends are constantly evolving. Upgrades, new construction, and renovation are currently taking place to enhance the guests’ experience to prepare for this upcoming year. As we transition to a post-pandemic world, most guests still expect hotels to prioritize safety; however, this is not the only trend that guests expect hotels to follow. Here are some hotel trends to watch in 2022.

Experiential Stays are a Must

When guests are looking for the ideal hotel to stay at, they look for characteristics that stand out. Most guests expect hotels to offer some kind of experience, whether for families or just themselves. In 2022, look forward to seeing many more hotels offering experiential stays. Hotels will be renovating old restaurants into new innovative, and intriguing restaurants. Hotels will also be offering updated fitness areas, pools, outside full-service bars, and outdoor recreational areas. Stand out from the crowd by following this hotel trend and provide an exciting experience that will help boost your hotel’s attraction.

Eco-Friendly as a Hotel Trend is on the Rise

It is no secret that many hotels have started implementing sustainability into their design—and there is a reason! 52% of global travelers say that they alter their behaviors to be more sustainable when they travel. Hotels have become more sustainable by offering eco-friendly food spots and making hotel rooms more green. The eco-friendly restaurants have included recycling and composting options and reusable silverware, dishes, and glasses. Hotel rooms are stocked with biodegradable packaging, furniture made of sustainable material, and coffee bars with reusable mugs. Give your guests the green hotel they are looking for because this is one hotel trend that you can’t miss out on.

Benefit with Business Rooms

Due to the pandemic, many professionals are now working from home, allowing them to bring their laptops virtually anywhere for work. Hotels are taking advantage of this fact by making their guest rooms more professional-friendly by including workstations, complimentary pens, and paper. Some hotels offer select rooms with an entire workspace—computers, desks, office chairs, printers, and more. Follow this hotel trend and provide a place to accommodate your professionals.

Thinking of implementing any of these hotel trends for your next project? We are a team of experienced general contractors who serve clients nationwide and specialize in hotel renovations. Contact us today, and allow us to help enhance your guests’ experience.

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