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The Best Hotel and Hospitality Contractors in Houston, Texas

Updated: Apr 8

| GC Magazine, October, 2019 |

The Magnolia Hotel Restoration Project

Case and Associates General Contractors specializes in hotel construction and renovation. Founded in 1988, the firm has built a well-established reputation with numerous national, regional, and local developers nationwide. The company uses the latest construction methods and materials to provide the best results, and happens to be featured in this particular article as one of Houston’s best hospitality contractors.

Introducing General Contractors Magazine

Our featured article of the day comes from GC (General Contractors) Magazine. This publisher is a national online magazine source whose goal is to be a reliable source of information on construction. Specifically, they look to provide trusted advice to people looking for contractors, architects, designers, and more for their projects. Consequently, their hardworking team of editors takes into consideration various types of criteria for their recommendations. This includes a company’s history of work, their customer satisfaction, awards and recognition, and more. General Contractors Magazine relies on information that is publically available, meaning that you too can double check their work to make sure that your information is credible. The publisher does also reach out to the companies themselves for information that may not be available to the public, such as company statistics.

The Finest Contractors in All of Houston

General Contractors’ article on the best hotel and hospitality contractors in Houston begins simply. In this case, the article plainly lays out the criteria for the recommended construction firms. Furthermore, General Contractors Magazine emphasizes their strengths in experience, knowledge, and brand recognition. They also point out the firms’ dedication to quality, aesthetics, and long-lasting production value. The article goes on to recommend that before you commit to a single hospitality contractor, you should shop around for multiple bids and make comparisons. They have even provided each company’s address and contact information for you to keep on hand as you read.

You can read the full article here, and please come back to reach out if you feel we are the best fit for your next project.

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