Mackinac Island • Case Study

Grand Hotel:

Preserving History and Preparing for the Future

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A Look Into the Challenges We Successfully Overcame While Updating the Legendary Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Located on a small island on the Straits of Mackinac, Grand Hotel has been a beloved summer destination since 1887. The hotel boasts 388 rooms, each designed in their own unique style.

Case & Associates was tasked with updating the bathrooms, 100-year-old Esther Williams Swimming Pool, and their vast retail spaces – all in time for the summer vacation season to begin. Location, weather, and more added to the complications of this project. However, with experience, collaboration, and a pinch of luck, we were able to complete this project on time and on budget.
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    Our Obstacles

    • Preserving the history and maintaining the structural integrity of the 130-year-old hotel was a priority
    • Vehicles were NOT permitted on the island – primary transportation was bike, horse and buggy, or walking
    • Renovation took place during the off-season, the winter (below-freezing temperatures)
    • All equipment and raw materials had to be ferried in or flown in on an 8-seater plane when the lake was frozen over

    What We Did

    • Project was completed on time and on budget – in under 5 months
    • We renovated 340 unique bathrooms
    • $2,500,000 of concrete used (2 concrete trucks ferried over)
    • Project was completed during COVID, which added new challenges
    • And much more



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